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Cotton Ball Snowman Activity with FREE Printable

Cotton Ball Snowman Therapy Activity with FREE PrintableHere’s a quick and easy reinforcement activity for your students! All you need is the FREE printable, cotton balls, and glue…super simple! Just give each of your students a snowman printout and have them earn a cotton ball each time they complete a speech or language task. You can let them glue them on as they go or wait until they’ve earned all of them. Easy and fun for you and them!

While this printable snowman is free for everyone, printable materials usually require a paid membership in order to download them. A paid membership gives you access to more printable therapy materials.  You can even search our website to see the hundreds of printables available before you sign up! Memberships are available starting at $4.99 and we offer a 100% money back guarantee for the first 30 days of your membership.
Give it a try today!

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FREE Printable Material:
Cotton Ball Snowman Printable (PDF)
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