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Prepositions and Following Directions – Picnic Theme

Prepositions and Following Directions with a Picnic ThemeUsing this picnic-themed activity, students practice following directions with prepositions by placing pictures of objects around a printed picnic blanket.  It can be used with individual students or as a group activity.

Three levels of difficulty
The easiest level of directions focuses on the understanding of basic prepositions (e.g., on, under, next to).  “Put the sandwich on the blanket” is an example.

The moderate level of difficulty includes prepositions such as “underneath, to the right of, and beside”.  An example is “Place the pickle to the left of the blanket”.

The most difficult directions include “if” dependent clauses that make them more challenging.  “If Wednesday comes after Tuesday, place the chips to the left of the blanket” is one of the most challenging directions included.

Items included
This fun, challenging activity includes directions for the students to follow (ten of each difficulty level), a picnic blanket printable, and pictures for the students to place (available in color or black and white).

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