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Soundagories for Fall

Soundagories for Fall

Soundagories are great for students working on speech and/or language skills (or for mixed therapy groups). It’s played like the game Scattergories, where students name an item that has their sound that fits each category. You can allow them to only use words that start with their sound or can have them think of words with their sound in any position. For language only students, assign them a sound to use.

Once the allotted time that you give them to complete the page has expired, have each student say their word for each category. They earn a point for each word that they wrote that wasn’t also named by someone else. Of course, you can choose to give points for any correct answer even if it wasn’t unique if you’d like.

If you aren’t working with a group, you can play along and compare words with your student or you can assist them in thinking through their answers.

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