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Valentine’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy

Conversation HeartsHere are two Valentine’s Day activities to use with your speech and language therapy groups.  Adapt them to the goals you are working on and have fun!

Stack ‘Em Up
Have a pile of conversation hearts on the table in front of each child’s seat.  Give 30 seconds for the children to stack them as high as possible.  Once the time is up, have them count how many they have stacked.  Use that number to determine how many times they must practice their sound or skill they are working on.  (If someone’s stack fell or wasn’t very high, you can assign a minimum number.)  Let them eat the candies in their pile or take them home in a zip-top bag.

Hearts a Plenty
Write words on cut-out paper hearts and hide them around the room before the group arrives.  Have the children find as many hearts as they can and then take a seat.  Each child then takes a turn saying the word on one of his hearts.  If you want, the child can then trade his paper heart for a candy heart, or you can keep track of “points” for some other incentive.  Here are some examples of how you can use this activity…

For articulation – Write words that contain the sound(s) the children are working on.  If the children are working on different sounds, color code the hearts.  For example, have the children working on /s/ look for pink hearts, and the children working on /r/ look for red ones.

To work on describing – Put nouns on the hearts, and have the students give at least three attributes of the words they have found.

For multiple meaning words – Put words with homonyms on the hearts and have the students try to give two different meanings for the word.

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  1. Love the idea of hiding hearts. I’va also done the same thing for St. Patrick’s Day and hidden shamrocks around the room.

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