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One Fish, Two Fish…Rhyming Cards

One Fish, Two Fish...Rhyming Cards

These materials go along with Dr. Seuss’s book One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, though you don’t need the book to use them.  There are 15 cards with characters’ names and 15 cards with activities that rhyme with the characters’ names.  Here are a couple of different ways to use the cards:

  • Pass out the character name cards and have the students listen as you read the activity cards.  When they hear one that rhymes with their character’s name, they raise their hand and say the name and activity together.  You can play to see who matches all of their characters first.
  • Play a memory game and have the students match the character’s name card with the activity card that rhymes with it.

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version that can be used with your student(s) in person or during a teletherapy session. The file can be uploaded to Google Slides or opened in PowerPoint and shared with the student. In order to drag and drop the pieces, make sure you are in edit mode (NOT in presentation mode). If you are using PowerPoint, you’ll need to enable editing.

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  1. My kids loved this activity. We played a memory matching game with the cards. I brought in a copy of the book and the kids would look up characters to figure out what the match might be. I placed stars on the backs of the name cards so the kids would always be able to match a name with an action. Since most of the kids have a copy of the book at home, I assigned bonus homework of reading the story out loud to a parent. Even the older kids enjoyed this game.

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