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Springtime Garden Game Board & Regular Plural Cards

Springtime Garden Game Board

Have some springtime fun with this game! Use the game board with the regular plural cards included or any stimuli you may have.

To play the game, the players move forward one space each turn and pick a card. If they provide a correct answer, they stay on that space. If they answer incorrectly, they move back to the previous space. The first one to the end is the winner of the race! For maximum practice opportunities, you can have all of the students finish the race if you’d like.

Included are 32 cards with pictures that focus on regular plurals and a color game board.

Interactive Material: This material includes an interactive version that can be used in teletherapy. The file can be uploaded to Google Slides or opened in PowerPoint and then shared with the student. In order for the drag-and-drop pieces to work, make sure you are NOT in presentation mode. If you are using PowerPoint, you’ll need to enable editing.

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