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Word Cards For R Sounds

Word Cards for R Sounds

If you've got students working on "r sounds" who can read, these sound specific word cards are a therapy must. You can have students pick a card and make a sentence with the word, use a stack of them for…

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Super Set For R Sounds

Super Set for R Sounds

This set is packed full of awesome activities for vocalic and pre-vocalic r sounds! It's got just what you need for all of your students...from those working at the word level who need pictures to those ready for sound-loaded sentences,…

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Rebus Sentences For S Sound

Rebus Sentences for S Sound

For your young students and non-readers, these pages are a great way to start practicing targeted sounds at the sentence level. With predictable text and pictures, these are sure to be a hit with your students. Each page has five…

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Practice Grids For S Sound

Practice Grids for S Sound

Practice grids just might be your new favorite articulation therapy resource, especially when your students are working at the word level. They are great as a motivation tool (add stickers to the boxes) as well as a data collection resource.…

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Practice Grids For L Clusters

Practice Grids for L Clusters

Here's another great set of practice grids for you to use. They not only include initial clusters, but also /ld/ and /lt/. Use these in your sessions or send them home for extra practice. Included are practice grid pages for…

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