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Snowball Fight – A Fun, Easy Therapy Activity

Snowball FightWant to have some clean wintry fun in your sessions? Have a “snowball” fight! This version works in all climates (even in Florida) and is a great motivator for heaps of repetition or practice.


  1. Scrap paper, ripped (letter size paper ripped in fourths works great)
  2. Stimuli for what you are working on
  3. Bowl or basket for each student (optional)


  1. Give each student a bowl or basket to hold the “snowballs” (optional).
  2. For each production or answer the child gives, a piece of paper is earned. The child can then ball it up and add it to his or her basket or pile. The students want a lot of “snowballs” and therefore are usually eager to have many turns.
  3. Clear a space in the room or go to an open space for your “snowball” fight. Position the students around the outside with an empty space in the middle. You can give each child a turned-around chair as a barrier to hide behind if you want.
  4. Set a time limit for your “fight” and let the fun begin! The students can gather “snowballs” and throw them back too (see tips below).
  5. Make a game out of cleaning up. See how fast all of the “snowballs” can be tossed into a recycling bin.

– Only allow two players to be in the middle space collecting “snowballs” at a time.
– Require players to be in their positions to throw “snowballs”. This keeps players from throwing them from the middle space.
– If you think a single student may be targeted by multiple players, make teams.

This is definitely an activity the students will remember and ask for again and again! Have fun!

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  1. I just wanted to say that I tried the snowball game idea with a client that I’ve seen for a while last week and it was the most energised I’ve ever seen him! Brilliant – and any more similar ideas gratefully received.

  2. This sounds great, will definitely be trying this with my kids. They need lots of practice saying their S’s without sticking their tongues between their front teeth. I was thinking that it would be neat to have different colored paper, to see whose snowballs made it say, “over the line” the most often, or how many “hit the target”.

    Thanks for the game!

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