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Here are Some Sweet Valentine’s Day Therapy Materials

Candy HeartWhat better way is there to get your message across this Valentine’s Day than to put it on a “candy heart”? There is a cool website that allows you to enter your own word or message, pick the heart’s color, and save the result.

To make your own, go to http://www.cryptogram.com/hearts/

I’ve made some pages of “r” and “l” Valentine’s Day words on hearts for you to print.

L Valentine’s Day words on hearts

R Valentine’s Day words on hearts

Enjoy your week!

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  1. I like the activity. I have 4 schools and I include my older students in the preparation of the activities for the younger ones.

  2. This is exactly the kind of therapy material I like. I believe students/clients should be practicing words they will actually come across in their environment, whether they be curriculum based or life/seasonally based. Carryover can happen faster and easier when they can say, “I learned about this in speech!” or “We practiced that in speech!” Thank you for producing a salient articulation therapy activity!

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