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Pick a Stick Therapy Activity and Multiple Meaning Words List

Pick A Stick Therapy Activity and Multiple Meaning WordsThis is a quick-to-make, versatile, and portable activity that is great for a wide variety of speech and language therapy goals.  You can even use it with groups of students working on different skills!

What you need:

  • craft sticks
  • marker
  • small color-coded stickers (optional)
  • word lists for stimuli
  • container/cup (I used an Emerald Nuts container)

How to make the sticks:

  1. Write words from your list with a marker on one color of stickers.
  2. Place one sticker toward the end of each craft stick.
  3. If you would like to use stimuli for a different goal on the same sticks, write those words on different color stickers and put them on the other end of the sticks.  For example, the sticks in the picture have multiple meaning words on the yellow stickers and antonym stimuli on the pink stickers.  Another option is to use different colored markers to write the words or to make dots on the ends of the sticks.

How to use the sticks:

  1. Students pick a stick out of the container and read the word on the colored sticker you have assigned to them.
  2. If the student can complete the task associated with it (name two meanings, use the /s/ word in a sentence, etc.), he/she keeps the stick and passes the container to the next student.
  3. If the student cannot complete the task, he/she puts the stick back in the container and passes the container to the next student.
  4. When all of the sticks have been pulled or when you have run out of time, have the students count the sticks they have collected to see who has the most.

Free word list!

Click on the link below to open a FREE printable word list for multiple meaning words!

For a variety of multiple meaning word materials (worksheets, picture cards, game cards, and game boards) available to members, use the drop down menu at the top.  Start at Materials, go to Language, then Vocabulary, and click on Multiple Meaning Words.

Leave a comment and let us know how much fun your students have with this activity!

Multiple Meaning Words List (PDF)
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  1. I have a similar game for articulation therapy. I have colored sticks: red is one word, green is three words, purple is sentence level and brown is to put all sticks back. The kids enjoy it and it is portable. Love this idea as well.

  2. I would love to try this and will experiment some varieties of activities using different concepts in speech therapy. I’ll soon share my experiences. Thanks for the idea! God bless!

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