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Pick a Flower Therapy Activity

Pick a Flower Therapy Activity
This therapy activity brings spring flowers right into your room and freshens up your therapy sessions!  It can be used with any speech or language stimuli words, so you can use it with a variety of students and groups.

What you need:

  • flower pot – Plastic is preferable.
  • craft sticks – Wide ones make writing stimuli easier.
  • beans, rocks or other filler
  • flower blossoms – Draw your own or print out the file below (membership required).

What to do:

  1. Fill the pot with your filler item.
  2. Write stimuli on one end of craft sticks.  This can include articulation target words, synonym/antonym words, vocabulary words, categories, etc.
  3. Cut out the flower blossoms and attach them to the other end of the craft sticks.  If you are going to use different stimuli with different groups, you may want to laminate the flower blossoms and attach them to the sticks temporarily with poster tack or Velcro.  This will make storage of the craft sticks easier and will mean less flower cutting for you.
  4. Stick the “flowers” into the pot.
  5. The students choose a flower and complete their task with the stimuli written on it.
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