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Captain Commands – A Pirate Themed Game

Captain Commands - A Pirate Themed Language Therapy IdeasHere’s an idea for following directions that gets your students up and moving…with a pirate theme!  “Captain Commands” is played like “Simon Says” except that the captain says “Attention!” before giving directions instead of “Simon says”. If the captain doesn’t say “Attention!” first, then you don’t follow the command.  You can be the captain, or you can have a student who can read written directions be the captain.

If you want to make it competitive:  Any little pirates caught following the directions when they are not supposed to or messing up the directions that follow “Attention!” can be moved to another row or have a pirate item (e.g., eye patch, bandana) taken away.  All of the students continue following directions for the entire time.  This keeps those probably needing to practice the most from sitting out.  The last student remaining in the original row or with their pirate item wins!

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