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Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for Articulation

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt for ArticulationIt’s springtime, which means I want to be outside as much as possible! Don’t you just feel like the outdoors are calling you (and your students) to go exploring? Next time you’re given an opportunity, take your students outside for a scavenger hunt! They’ll love it, and you’ll all see things you don’t normally notice.

Here is what to do:

  • Make scavenger hunt lists for students based on their articulation sounds.
  • Review the items on the students’ list and have them say each word.
  • Go outside and talk about the items your students are looking for while helping them find the items on their lists.
  • Once you are done with your scavenger hunt, sit down and go over the students’ lists. Have them use their best speech to say the items they found and those they didn’t.
  • Send home the scavenger hunt list for at-home practice. This is a great way for caregivers to spend speech-focused time with the student in an enjoyable way.

Just like with all of our materials available with a membership, you can save yourself time and effort with these 15 ready-to-print scavenger hunt lists that cover the following sounds:

  • /b/
  • /p/
  • /d/
  • /t/
  • /f/ and /v/
  • /g/
  • /k/
  • /l/
  • /l/ blends
  • /m/
  • /n/
  • /r/ blends
  • “er”
  • /s/
  • “sh” and “ch”

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