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Feed a Frog Therapy Idea

Feed a Frog Therapy IdeaThis quick and easy-to-make frog container is a cute way to get your students motivated to practice their speech and language skills. Your students will be eager to feed him their speech and language cards or plastic flies!

What you need:

  • a clean, plastic container with a lid that opens a little more than halfway, such as a Parmesan cheese container
  • 2 green pom poms
  • 2 googly eyes
  • glue (I used hot glue.)

What to do:

  1. Glue the pom poms on the smaller side of the lid (i.e., the side that does not open more than halfway).
  2. Glue the googly eyes onto the pom poms.
  3. That’s it! Have fun with your frog!

How to use it:

Students earn cards or pieces of paper for completing speech and language tasks, which they get to “feed” to the frog.

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