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Sam the Snake – A Friendly Little Therapy Helper

Sam the SnakeWho is Sam?

“Ssssam” is my new best friend for working on the “s” sound with children.  He is simply a sock puppet that I made with my sons and recently took to work.  And he was a hit!


What do you do with Sam?

I use Sam is different ways depending on the child I am working with.

  • For the child who is stopping “s” as “t”, I use him to get production of the “s” sound in isolation.
  • For the child who is “lisping”, I use him to demonstrate keeping the tongue “put away” by tucking Sam’s tongue underneath him.  The child helps “teach” Sam and can “catch” Sam with his tongue out, which works on awareness.

The beauty of Sam is that the children put him on and demonstrate the therapy goal.  And they have fun doing it!


How do I make one?

This is the easy and fun part, and can even become a therapy activity.

Sock (ladies’ socks are a good size)
Eyes (googly eyes or paint)
Red felt (very little is needed)
Glue (fabric glue is best)
Decorations, optional


  1. Cut the red felt into a forked tongue shape, leaving a long base for gluing to the sock.
  2. Glue the eyes (or paint them) on the “top” of the sock near the toe end.
  3. Glue the tongue underneath the toe end of the sock.
  4. Decorate with paint, thin ribbons, or other decorations, keeping in mind that the sock will stretch when put on the hand.

There you have it!  A fun, inexpensive therapy tool!


For a printable download of step-by-step directions with pictures, click on the link below.

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