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St. Patrick’s Day Therapy Activity

Gold CoinsMake your clients feel lucky to be in your therapy sessions with this St. Patrick’s Day themed activity.  Adapt it to go with the articulation and language goals you are working on.

Lucky Number
Buy plastic gold coins or make some out of paper. Number each coin and select one number to be the secret “lucky number”.  Create a numbered list for your therapy objective.  For example, for articulation practice, have a numbered list of target words or sentences.  For vocabulary building, have a numbered list of words for practicing synonyms or antonyms.  You can use the same coins for various activities by simply changing the list of numbered items.

A student picks a gold coin out of a container and tells you its number.  Have him practice the item that corresponds to that number on the list.  When a student picks the “lucky number”, he can trade it in for an incentive (e.g., sticker, candy, prize).

Hide the numbered coins around the room and have the students find them.  The students practice the items for the numbered coins that they found.

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