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“Hang in There” with this Speech Therapy Activity!

Clothes LineCould it be?  Could hanging laundry actually be fun?  With this speech therapy activity it can be!

What you’ll need

  • Picture or word cards cut out in the shape of clothing (e.g., shirts, shorts, mittens)
  • Yarn or string (and a simple way to hang it)
  • Clothespins or large paper clips
  • Small basket or container for the cards

How to set up

  • Hang the yarn or string horizontally at a height that the child can reach.
  • Attach clothes pins (or large paper clips) to the string.
  • Put the cards in the basket.

How to “play”

Have the child pick a card and say the word or a sentence for the word.  Then let the child hang it on the line.  You can also have the child repeat the words or sentences when taking down the cards.


Use this for language activities as well.  Hang one part of a pair on the line and have the child match the other part to it.  For example:

– Write a word on a shirt cut-out and the word’s antonym on a shorts cut-out.  Hang the shirts on the line and put the shorts in the basket.  Have the child match the shorts to the corresponding shirt by identifying its opposite.

– Write a contraction on a mitten and its corresponding word set on another mitten.  Hang the contractions on the line and have the child match the word sets to the contractions.

The possibilities are endless!

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