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Basketball Toss Game for Speech Therapy

Basketball Toss Game for Speech TherapyThis game is simple and fun and can be done indoors or out!  All you need is a basketball, some masking tape, and a permanent marker.  Just write the stimuli that go with your students’ goals on the tape and stick the pieces on the sections of the basketball.  Now you’re ready to play!

This game can be played with speech or language goals.  You can target articulation sounds by using target words or focus on language skills by placing vocabulary words, words for synonym and antonym practice, or even categories on the basketball.

How to play

  • For individual sessions, have the student toss the ball up to himself and catch it or toss it back and forth with you.  The stimulus that is on the wedge by his right thumb is the chosen stimulus.
  • For groups, have the students stand in a circle and toss the ball to each other (or sit in a circle and roll it to each other).  Again, the stimulus chosen is the one on the wedge by the student’s right thumb.

Bring a bit of March Madness into your speech room!

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