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Cheap and Easy Dry Erase Boards

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Picture Frame Dry Erase BoardWhat’s more fun than paper and pencil and will keep your students actively participating in your sessions?  Individual dry erase boards!  But I’m not talking about the kind you order online or pay too much money for at the office supply store.  I’m talking cheap, versatile, and super easy to find.

What are they?  Picture frames!  You can find them at the dollar store, big box store, or hanging around your house.  (Please make sure the frames have plexiglass or plastic and not glass.)

Why picture frames?

  • They are a great size (8″x 10″ work great).
  • You can put white paper, lined paper or worksheets in them, which you can change as often as you wish.
  • Dry erase markers wipe off of the plexiglass/plastic completely and easily.
  • Did I mention that they are inexpensive?

Note:  For safety reasons, do not use frames with glass in them.

A special thank you to my colleague, Donna Burton, for introducing this idea to me and showing me how well they work! She got her frames at a dollar store and even found a four pack of thin dry erase markers there too!

Try this out and tell us how it works for you!

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  1. I love and appreciate all the ideas that you give us but this one worries me because of the glass. Couldn’t it break/crack and result in a child being injured? Maybe I’m just being overly cautious.

  2. Even easier is a piece of white tag or index paper in a page protector sleeve. And no glass to worry about with the little ones

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