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Celebrate with Popcorn Themed Activities

Popcorn Themed ActivitiesI’m not sure who came up with National Popcorn Day (January 19th) or National Popcorn Poppin’ Month (October), but I think both were great ideas!  This year you can bring the celebration into your sessions with popcorn themed activities and materials! 

To kick off the celebration, here are some fun ways to use popcorn containers in your sessions.  I found these cute containers at my local Dollar Tree store.  They were $1 for two containers!  Pick up a few and use them for these versatile, fun activities.

  1. Pass the Popcorn – Put speech or language target words on yellow pieces of paper, crumple them up to look like popcorn and put them in the container.  Students get to pick their word or words and then pass the “popcorn” to the next student.
  2. Sound Sort – Label the popcorn containers with “initial”, “medial”, and “final” and have the students sort words based on the position of the target sound.  Or, label the containers with word family endings (e.g., -at, -et, -ing) and have students sort words in the right containers.
  3. Popcorn Toss – Use this game as a reward for students’ hard work.  Set up the containers in a single line with each container about a foot behind the one in front of it.  The closest container is worth one point, the next one is worth two, etc. Students earn either paper popcorn or real popcorn for appropriate responses during the therapy session.  Once they have earned enough, have them take turns tossing their popcorn pieces into the containers.  Add up the points and see who wins!

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  1. I love the popcorn themed activities!! I would love if you could add to it by adding other language cards. Sim/different picture cards, attribute, analogy cards ect. Thanks for all the great therapy ideas and the time you save me!

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