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Who Has…? Game Cards for Space Vocabulary

Who Has...? Game Cards for Space VocabularyReady for a challenging, out of this world way to practice and check your students knowledge of these space terms?  Simply print, cut apart, and pass out these game cards!  Nothing else is needed and they take up very little “space”.

These vocabulary words are tougher, which makes them great for upper elementary and middle school students.  They go with the other space vocabulary materials listed below for another way to work on this science-based vocabulary.  Students LOVE this game and stay focused knowing that their card could be the next answer.  Each card has an answer (e.g., I have solar system.) and then a question (e.g., Who has someone who studies astronomy?).  The student whose card has the answer responds and then asks the next question.

There are game cards that go with 24 space themed vocabulary words and blank cards for you to customize.  An instruction page is also included.

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