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Fact or Opinion Popcorn Cards

Fact or Opinion Popcorn Cards

Do your students need extra practice discriminating between facts and opinions? Using these cards that contain statements about popcorn, you can work with your students on the differences between facts and opinions.  There are 30 cards with statements (15 facts and 15 opinions) and large fact and opinion cards.


  • Use the statement cards as stimulus cards with The Great Popcorn Race game board.
  • Have your student sort the statement cards onto the large fact and opinion cards.  For a group activity, you can pass out the statement cards to the students and put the large cards in the middle of the table.  The students then take turns reading a statement and placing it on the correct large fact or opinion card. The other students can then say whether they agree or disagree with the placement.  If there is a disagreement, you can discuss it.
  • Print large fact and opinion cards for each student in a group. Have the students hold up either their fact or opinion card after you read a statement.

October is National Popcorn Popping Month. Our popcorn themed printable materials make it quick and easy to address both speech and language goals. You may even get to enjoy a movie and some popcorn with the time you will save on therapy preparation!

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