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Valentine’s Day Heart Hunt

Valentine's Day Heart Hunt
It’s a heart hunt!

Get ready to start searching! This fun and productive activity is very simple to set up and can be customized to just about any stimuli.

What you need:

  • Two copies of hearts with stimuli on them (Members can print out the Valentine’s Day Speech Hearts below.)

What to do:

  1. Put one set of hearts around the room so that the words are face down. They should be pretty easy to find.
  2. Deal out the other set of hearts to the students. If there are any extras, place them in the middle of the table as bonus words.
  3. When you say “Go”, the students quietly go around the room looking for the matches to their hearts. If a heart they find isn’t theirs, they quietly put it back. If it is theirs or is a bonus word, they take it back to the table and set it down.
  4. When a student has found all of his/her matches, he/she quietly sits down and waits for the others to finish.
  5. When all of the students have found their hearts, they take turns saying their words, naming their antonyms, etc. The student who sat down first gets the first turn.

The students love finding their words and usually want to play again. Just separate the heart pairs and hide one set again. It’s okay if the hearts are not very well hidden or are in the same hiding places because the students don’t know which words they will be looking for each time.

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