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S Cluster Therapy Ideas

Stop SignHere are some great ideas for working on s clusters! They were submitted by Angel Reaux, a graduate student at University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Thank you, Angel!

  • Use I Spy books or puzzles or put pictures of s cluster objects on the wall and play “I Spy” games.
  • Use a puppet spider and have the child say “Ms. Spider” instead of “Mother May I” when asking to do something. For example, “Ms. Spider, may I take 2 steps forward?”.
  • Use pictures of a stop sign, go sign, school, and a school bus attached to popsicle sticks and play a game. Stand far away from the child and have the child tell you when to go and stop. If the child says “top” instead of “stop”, keep going. Keep moving forward until you reach the school (child).

For more ideas and printable materials check out the S Clusters Basic Set and S Clusters Expansion Set.
Becky Wanca

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  1. I “stole” my children’s I Spy memory game. After practicing their target sound, I have my students chose one card at a time and describe the picture starting with “I spy a _____”. I use this production to assess their carryover. I also use it with my language kiddos to help with attributes.

  2. I use this format for s blends. I have a “mailbox”, a stamp with ink, and a bunch of /s/ blend pictures on index cards. We decide who we are going to “mail” the card to. Mom gets the snake, etc. Then we stamp it and stick it in the mailbox. Repeat with each card until they have all been mailed.

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