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Paper Plate Snowman Therapy Activity

Paper Plate Snowman Therapy ActivityBring some winter into your sessions with this adorable and easy craft! With very few supplies and a little preparation, it’s ready to go! Another great feature of this craft is that it has ten items to place on the paper plate, which makes it easier to keep track of data as they earn them!

What you need:

  • paper plates (one for each child)
  • black and orange construction paper
  • googly eyes or a black marker
  • scissors
  • glue or tape

What to do for each snowman:

  1. Cut a top hat out of black paper. With the left over pieces of black paper, cut out six circles approximately 1″ in diameter. A paper punch would make this faster.
  2. Cut a rounded triangle out of the orange paper.
  3. Have the students earn the hat and facial features by completing speech and/or language tasks.
  4. Once they’ve collected all of the pieces, let them glue or tape the pieces on (and draw the eyes if not using googly eyes).

Therapy ideas:

  • Articulation practice – Give the students a piece after correct productions of their target sounds.
  • Initial /sn/ or /fr/ – Give the students a piece for each correct production of “snowman” or “Frosty.”
  • Language skills practice – The students earn a piece for their snowman for completing each language task.


  • If you have enough time, the students can earn their pieces multiple times before attaching them at the end of the session.
  • Attach the hat first by turning the plate upside down and taping it to the back of the hat.

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