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Top 5 Free Speech and Language Therapy Ideas

Top 5 Free Ideas for Speech and Language TherapyFrom the beginning, Speech Therapy Ideas was designed to be an online resource for Speech-Language Pathologists to get free speech and language therapy ideas. Recently we started to wonder which therapy ideas were the most popular. As we expected, many of the top therapy ideas were specific to a holiday or season. Since those ideas are only used in your therapy sessions certain times of year, we filtered them out to find the top 5 speech and language therapy ideas that you can use any time of the year.

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1. Tongue Tip Trouble – Fronting /t/ for /k/

Picture Cards Final KHow can you quickly solve the fronting of /k/? Tackle the tongue tip! Getting /k/ in isolation is easily achieved by keeping the child’s tongue tip from making contact with the alveolar ridge or teeth.

This idea includes 2 printable materials available for free to everyone!
Read the entire idea: Tongue Tip Trouble – Fronting /t/ for /k/

2. Articulation Stories for Any Sound

notepadYeah! Your client can successfully use his target sound in words and sentences! Now what? It’s time to take it to the next level. If the child can read, I recommend having him read sound-loaded stories before jumping straight into conversational speech practice.

Read the entire idea: Articulation Stories for Any Sound

3. Penny Toss

Penny TossNeed a fun way to get your clients to produce a lot of responses? Then give this game a shot. All you need are some pennies (or plastic chips or beans) and an egg carton or ice cube tray.

Read the entire idea: Penny Toss

4. Pocket Chart Memory Game for Speech or Language Therapy

Pocket Chart MemoryHere is a fun twist on a classic memory game that gets the students up and involved. You can play it with a pocket chart, put the cards up on a board held with magnets, or simply lay the cards out on the table. By choosing different picture or word cards and changing the number of cards used, you can alter the difficulty and the targeted goals.

Read the entire idea: Pocket Chart Memory Game for Speech or Language Therapy

5. Pick a Stick Therapy Activity

Pick A Stick Therapy Activity and Multiple Meaning WordsThis is a quick-to-make, versatile, and portable activity that is great for a wide variety of speech and language therapy goals. You can even use it with groups of students working on different skills!

This idea includes a FREE printable word list for multiple meaning words!
Read the entire idea: Pick a Stick Therapy Activity

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