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Where Speech-language Pathologists find ideas, activities and materials.
Ice Cream Antonyms
Synonym Matchups with Sentences
Combining Sentences – Ice Cream Theme
Multiple Meaning Words – Context Clues
Beach Scene for Directions
Creating Compound Words – Beach Theme
Beach Themed Idioms
Comparing – Beach Theme
Building a Sandcastle Sequencing Activity
More vs. Fewer/Less
Snappy the Snail for Speech and Language Therapy
Multiple Meaning Words – Definition Matchup
Spring Themed Idioms
Multiple Meaning Words – Picture Matchup
Graham the Greedy Grizzly Story for Speech and Language Therapy
Christmas Ornament Match Ups
Christmas Similes
Soundagories for Fall
Thanksgiving Idiom Cards and Worksheets
Fill In the Verb Sentences – Halloween
Multiple Meaning Words – Set 2
Multiple Meaning Words – Set 1
Banana Split Sequencing
Guessing Game – Beach Theme
Beach Vocabulary Bingo – Level 3
Camping “WH” Questions with Answer Choices
Circus Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet
Winter Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheets
Pumpkin Pie Sequencing
Fall Vocabulary Bingo Game – Level 2
Bug Sorting, Comparing & Contrasting
Gold Coin Category Sorting
Mitten Antonyms
Christmas Song Madlibs
Gingerbread Feelings
Thanksgiving Following Directions Activity
Chick Hatching Sequencing Activity
Popcorn Synonym Sort
Following Directions with Pizza
Valentine’s Day Syllable Count
Sports Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheets
“WH” Questions with Answer Choices
Cloud and Raindrop Category Sorting
Spring Vocabulary Bingo
Spring “WH” Questions with Answer Choices
Winter Questions with Answer Choices
Descriptive Cookie Games
Start a Farm Describing Activity
Halloween Language Set
Combining Sentences Without “And” – Pizza Theme
Combining Sentences Using “And” – Pizza Theme
Comparing with Spring Animals
Spring Card Game for Naming Skills
Spring “Who,” “What,” “When,” “Where,” “Why,” and “How” Questions
Easter Rhyming Riddles
Irregular Past Tense Verbs for St. Patrick’s Day
St. Patrick’s Day Activities with Lucky Charms Cereal
St. Patrick’s Day Syllable Count
Synonym Dominoes
Who Has…? Game Cards for Synonyms
Name It – Synonyms
Who Has…? Game Cards for Valentine’s Day
Antonym Dominoes – Word Level Hard
Antonym Dominoes – Word Level Easy
Rhyming Antonym Pairs
Pom Pom and Mitten Matching Activities
Winter “What,” “Where,” and “How” Questions
Hot Chocolate Sequencing Activity
Fill In the Verb Sentences for Christmas
Cookie Sorting by Sound Position
Cookie Theme Idiom Cards and Worksheet
Practicing Patterns – Thanksgiving Theme
Guessing Game – Thanksgiving Theme
“Little Red Hen” Story and Related Materials
More vs. Fewer – Farm Theme
Farm Themed Idioms
Irregular Past Tense Verbs – Farm Theme
Matching Initial Sounds – Football Theme
Who Has…? Game Cards for Space Vocabulary
Football Feelings
Frog Life Cycle Sequencing Activity
Red in Your Head Vocabulary Clue Cards
Think Pink Vocabulary Clue Cards
Valentine’s Day Figurative Language Cards and Worksheets
Christmas Rhyming Riddles
Elf Emotions
Pumpkin Pie Synonym Match-Up Activity
Space Themed Vocabulary Bingo
Space Themed Vocabulary Cards
Space Themed Vocabulary Worksheets
Captain Commands – A Pirate Themed Game
On the School Bus – Speech and Language Therapy Activity
School Rhyming Riddles
Guessing Game – School Theme
Spring Analogy Cards
Pick a Flower Therapy Activity
Prepositions and Following Directions – Picnic Theme
Descriptive Gnome Games
Fill In the Adjective Sentences for St. Patrick’s Day
Fill In the Verb Sentences for St. Patrick’s Day
Winter Olympics Vocabulary Set
Winter Olympics Vocabulary Bingo
Winter Olympics Vocabulary Cards
Winter Olympics Vocabulary Worksheets
Olympics Rhyming Activity
Combining Adjectives in Winter Sentences
Combining Verbs in Winter Sentences
Combining Direct Objects in Winter Sentences
Combining Subjects in Winter Sentences
Mustache Match-Up for Antonyms
Comparing Apples with Comparatives and Superlatives
Category Sorting – Apple Theme
Practicing Patterns – Ice Cream Theme
A Not-So-Despicable Comparing Activity
Ice Cream Possessives Activity
Picture Boards and Direction Following for L Sound
Baseball Theme Antonym Word Cards
Easy Color Matching & Sorting Activity
Ladybug Number Matching & Sequencing
Colorful Easter Egg Games
Who Has…? Game Cards for Spring Vocabulary
St. Patrick’s Day Game for Answering Yes/No Questions
Fill-in Story for Singular and Plural Nouns: Friendship Soup
Snowman Language Activity for Neither, Either, and Both
Language Worksheet for Using Correct Capitalization
Capitalization Fix-up Worksheet – Winter Theme
Identifying Words to Capitalize
Find the Rhyming Picture
Pronouns and Possessives – Christmas Theme
Elf Games
Subject & Verb Agreement – Thanksgiving Theme
Circus Animals Help Teach Election Vocabulary and Concepts
Who Has…? Game Cards for Fall Vocabulary
Paper Plate Jack-O-Lantern Activity
Describing Halloween Words
Carving a Pumpkin – Without the Mess!
Fall Vocabulary Bingo Game – Level 1
Teaching Prepositions and Following Directions
Paper Plate Fishbowl Activity
Baseball Cards for Number Matching Sequencing & Comparing
Picture Bingo for Rhyming
Identifying Subjects, Verbs, and Prepositional Phrases
Build a Basket in Therapy Using Easter Sentences
Pick a Stick Therapy Activity and Multiple Meaning Words List
Parts of Speech Card Game for St. Patrick’s Day
Valentine Heart Match Ups
Valentine’s Day Fix-up Worksheet
Fill In the Verb Sentences for Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day Rhyming Riddles
Vivid Verb Replacement Story
Vivid Verbs Worksheets
Vivid Verbs Cards and Sorting Pages
Vivid Verbs Pre-test and Post-test
Vivid Verbs Mini Set
Snowman Match-Up Activity
Reuse Holiday Cards for Speech and Language Therapy
Pocket Chart Memory Game for Speech or Language Therapy
Christmas Card Game for Naming Skills
Thanksgiving Synonyms Worksheet
Describing Thanksgiving Words
Hands On Thanksgiving Activity and Word List
Fill In the Verb Sentences – Thanksgiving
Fill In the Adjective Sentences – Thanksgiving
Language Therapy with Snail Mail
Fall Vocabulary Set – Level 2
Fall Vocabulary Game Cards – Level 2
Fall Vocabulary Worksheets – Level 2
Fall Vocabulary Set – Level 3
Gorgeous Gourds
Nursery Rhymes for /s/
Playing Cards for /ar/
Fix-up Worksheet – Pirates Theme
Pirates Theme – Basic Set
Writing Page – Longbelly’s Treasure
Writing Page – The Day I Found Gold
Homophone Worksheet – Pirates Theme
Planning Diagrams for Pirates
Treasure Maps
Sailboat Shape Worksheet
Antonyms Activity and Printable
Pepperoni Pizza Sequencing Activity
Peanut Butter and Jelly Sequencing Activity
Kitchen Theme Bingo Game
Fix-up Worksheet – Kitchen Theme
Figurative Language Worksheet – Kitchen Theme
Kitchen Theme – Basic Set
Nursery Rhymes for /or/
Gardening & Plants Theme – Basic Set
Combining Sentences – Garden Theme
Irregular Plural Worksheet for Food Names
Nursery Rhymes for Gardening and Plants
Fix-up Worksheet – Gardening and Plants Theme
Garden Themed Idioms
Describing Using Your Senses Worksheet – Gardening and Plants
Compare and Contrast Flowers Worksheet
Planting a Flower Sequencing Activity
When I Went to Another Planet Writing Pages
More vs. Fewer Worksheet – Space Theme
Figurative Language Worksheet – Space Theme
Nursery Rhymes for a Space Theme
Space Theme – Basic Set
Compare and Contrast Planets
Compare and Contrast Aliens
Category Item Naming – Space Theme
Matching Synonyms Worksheet – Level 3
Matching Synonyms Worksheet – Level 2
Matching Synonyms Worksheet – Level 1
Nursery Rhyme Change-up Worksheet
Synonym Bingo Game – Level 3
Synonym Bingo Game – Level 2
Synonym Bingo Game – Level 1
Flower and Petals Synonym Activity
Synonym Game Cards – Level 3
Synonym Game Cards – Level 2
Synonym Game Cards – Level 1
Synonyms – Basic Set
Parts of Speech Sorting Activity – Circus Theme
Circus Theme Vocabulary Bingo Game
Following Directions Activity – Circus Theme
Circus Animal Preposition Activity
Circus Theme – Basic Set
Pumpkin Carving Worksheet
Snowman Building Worksheet
Snowman Building Sequencing Activity
Time Theme – Basic Set
Possessives – Basic Set
Possessives – Expansion Set
Fix-up Worksheet – Beach Theme
Beach Vocabulary Picture Bingo
Beach Theme – Basic Set
Beach Theme – Expansion Set
Fix-up Worksheet – Picnic Theme
Insect Vocabulary Bingo
10 Picnic and Insect Writing Prompts
Going on a Picnic WH Questions
Insect Reading Sample and Comprehension Questions
Irregular Past Tense Verbs – Picnic Theme
Exclusion for Multiple Meaning Words Worksheets
Matching Multiple Meaning Words Worksheets
Discussion Multiple Meaning Words Worksheets
Fill-in Multiple Meaning Words Worksheets
Multiple Meaning Word Card Games
Multiple Meaning Words – Expansion Set
Regular and Irregular Plural Card Game
Regular Plural Noun Bingo Game
Irregular Plural Receptive Mini-Test
Colorful Fall Leaves
Fall Vocabulary Bingo Game – Level 3
Prompting Pages for Describing
Describe It Game
Feel and Describe Cards
Describing – Basic Set
Autumn Activities
S’mores Writing Page
S’mores Sequencing Pictures
S’mores Recipe Cards
Compare and Contrast Diagram
Compare and Contrast Chart
Describing Dogs – A Fun Language Therapy Activity
“Hang in There” with this Speech Therapy Activity!
Bubbles as a Therapy Tool!
Categories Fill-in Story
Name the Items – Category Dice Game
Same vs. Different – Easy to Make Materials for Language Therapy
Irregular Past Tense Verbs Receptive Mini-Tests 1-3
Irregular Past Tense Verbs Expressive Mini-Tests 1-3
Easter Egg Therapy Ideas
Valentine’s Day Activities for Speech Therapy
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